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Project Vagabundo

Keywords: homelessness, pentimento, body and territory.

Techniques : pentimento , QR code/Artivive App , Video Installation

Images Dimension : 25 cm x 25 cm

Videos length: varies with each clip

Artistic influences: Antony Hernández “landscape for the homeless and Arthur Jafa Love is the Message, the Message is Death

Collective work by Porus Jain , Professor Karel Steiner , Allan Thomas and Onix N.Vanga

Using six art pieces, “Vagabundo” depicts homelessness through the perspectives of three different artists; Porus Jain , Allan Thomas and Onix N.Vanga. In these works, the concept of homelessness is illustrated through the use of pentimento, glitch art, and video installation. In conjunction with an application called Artivive, altered images are unveiled by scanning a QR code.

These images were created to shed light on the unethical, distorted views surrounding homelessness. They aim to depict three alternate perspectives; the perspective of the ignorant, the perspective of the interested, and the perspective of the subject. The perspective of the ignorant refers to the bystander that simply catches a moment’s glimpse of the reality of an individual affected by homelessness. The perspective of the interested refers to the individual that is aware of this reality, but makes no attempt to find a solution.

The perspective of the subject refers to the lived reality of an individual that is experiencing homelessness. Pentimento is a layered style of art where two art pieces are combined as one. The original creation lays as the foundation for the second, but is never lost entirely. The foundational piece is still visible as a hidden image. The concept of glitch art is similar to pentimento in the sense that is used for the purpose of layering images. Rather than on canvas, glitch art is done virtually.

The body through images and territory through universality of homelessness gives the viewpoints of why there is homelessness are stereotypical or generalized, in order to attempt finding a legitimate solution the situations of the homeless have to accurately explored. Being homeless is the only thing these individuals have in common.

These designs will be accomplished by utilizing photography that has been proved by a group of artists. Also, use this produced artwork or the video installation with sound blending high and low frequencies. Concerning the human dignity of individuals who live and survive on the streets, as well as the question of why it is overlooked. Homelessness is a complex social problem with a variety of underlying economic and social causes that do not include the aspects of addressing the challenges by the requirement of knowing or controlling the things that we choose to retain as unknowns.



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