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Born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico  & raised in Maryland State, Onix Nieves Vanga has been a bonafide creator from a very early age. Flourished post-adolscence confecting murals, always kept himself involved in the energy of the community. Later on by becoming more acquainted with eclectic collections & collectors of art, he realizes the importance of academic knowledge and  the fundamentals of art, however he is never held back by them.

Currently based in Paris, France, realizing that what is acceptable has changed and has been altered, using art as his vehicle to channel spiritual expression, Onix mixes a variety of mediums to display and project experience empirically.

Artistic Statement: My objective is to produce interactive art using technology, such as robots, virtual reality, or any other computerized instrument, whether high- or low-tech, to promote interaction and deepen the link between people and technology, as expressed via my work. Mechanizing the human experience causes us to lose sight of the significance of technology. The resignification of technology as a digital artist is to create poetry as a process of humanizing technology.

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