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Project - Relational Bodies ; The Sugar Water.

Keywords: Sugar Cane, Labor Force, Video work , Iconography,

The sugar cane labor force plays a significant role within the context of the unframing of sugar-water, as depicted in the video press. The imagery surrounding sugar cane often carries stereotypes and idealized representations that overshadow the true concerns and realities of its production. By bringing attention to these issues, the work aims to break free from the dominant narrative and challenge the existing perceptions of sugar cane labor.

The video press serves as a platform to voice the experiences and affirmations of those involved in sugar cane production. It seeks to highlight the often-ignored aspects of labor conditions, exploitation, and social inequalities that exist within the industry. Through this, it confronts the silence surrounding these topics and encourages a more critical examination of the sugar industry.

Moreover, the work delves into the sphere of sugar consumption and its impact on society. It raises questions about the ethics and sustainability of sugar production, the environmental consequences of large-scale cultivation, and the fair treatment of workers involved in the process. By juxtaposing idealized representations, critique, and propaganda, it aims to challenge the prevailing narratives and encourage a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding the sugar cane labor force.

In essence, the video press on the unframing of sugar-water goes beyond surface-level representations and seeks to shed light on the hidden aspects of the sugar cane labor force. It aims to create a space for dialogue, reflection, and change by confronting stereotypes, addressing concerns, and promoting a more informed and responsible approach to the consumption of sugar.

Collaboration work with Director Samiera Abou-Nasr



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