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Project Is this still moving?

Keywords: Body, Duration, Transhumanism, Collaboration,AR

This project was created as a group effort by the students in the Creativity and Technology class. The goal was to make six photos that represented an abstract mechanical heart. Videos would be created from these photographs and overlaid on them using augmented reality through the Artivive app, which allows you to share your work and AR experiences with others.

Team TNM306: Onix Nieves-Vanga, Kirby Mealer, Jeremie Queyras, Leonor Tapia, Esther Ubong-Abasi, Mckinley Streett, Owen Moran, Xingman Cheng.

Is this still moving?” (2021) is a project that explores the complexity of the concept of “body” through different technologies. The physical and virtual inter- sect in a proposal that seeks to engage the viewer through the process of discovery. Between the printed image and AR, the collective TNM306 explores the frontiers between technology and humanity, between machine and soul.

“Is this still moving?” thinks of spatial bodies and the techno-social interactions of these bodies. At the center of this work are 3D models that show the modes of expressive functions that machines and bodies share. Through the conception of an imagined device, we seek to reflect on optimization, surgical developments, and transhumanism. Thus, different readings about the body are possible. By activating these images the viewer is invited to complete the artwork and becomes a catalyst for change.

These triggers, a priori, seem inert but refer to an organ in constant movement. “Is this still moving?” alludes to how technology intrudes into life. This project is dependent on the symbiotic participation of human and technology.

(Statement submitted by the team for the Nuit Blanche exhibition.)



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