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Project Flawed Distinction

Keywords: Human-technological relations, robotics,VR, Participatory Role, Human/Machine Gesture.


Hardware: Onix N.Vanga

VR Design: Kirby Mealer

Program designer: Crispin Suminski

Technique: Unity, Arduino, Steam VR, HTC Vide,

Tinder kit Braccio.

Flawed Distinction (2022) rather than the promise of technology, is a specific restriction as a simulation of technology, or how do we relate to technology. A machine gesture in physical reality is ascribed to the shape of human gestures in Virtual Reality (VR), which are applied to a virtual space and then brought back to the material realm, via calculations and restrictive qualities that offer the relevant by robotics.

The results are the superimposition of drawings as the contribution of technology. Participants can add their drawings to other people's drawings, but they don't know about this until after the robot draws three one-hour chunks of time. The participatory role is how the participants can decide how important human gestures are in virtual and material forms.

This aesthetic experience led by, brought about by, technology. This leads us to the question: how is technology used to generate an aesthetic experience?

In-depth idea:

The participatory role is conducted by participants who give commands, regarding the robot, who is the translator of the gestures. Coworker Alicia Gonzalez Ramirez helped conceptualize gesture by defining it as what connects us with our surroundings. In drawing it is also registration of our movements through mark-making, which she references in her work “A Body Makes A-Body”(p.12) and “We Met Before”(p.10). The flexibility of this material reflects on our everyday objects as a performative act to trace.

Results there is a great disparity in movement between human gesture and machine gesture, the precision of movement cannot be done accurately, and the very mechanical form and restrictions brought together to create the work demonstrate the limits of how much we can recreate and futher in mimicking full human gestures.



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